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Why a WA Play Strategy campaign?

Early Childhood Australia (WA) is the key advocacy organisation for children from birth to eight years of age. ECAWA believes all West Australian children have the right to access quality play opportunities in education, care, school and community settings.

ECAWA believes the opportunity for quality play in early childhood, education and care settings is diminishing, particularly in the early years of school. This is out of step with best practice and our international counterparts including England, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, and northern Europe.

We are campaigning to elevate the status of play in Western Australia: PLAY MATTERS.

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Play matters! Endorse our WA Play Strategy campaign

Join our campaign to deliver a State Government-lead Play Strategy for all West Australian children. Your endorsement of the campaign will provide significant influence towards achieving our goal.

On your behalf, the Community Comments written on this website will be presented to:

  • State Government ministers
  • WA Commissioner for Children and Young People
  • WA Education Department.

ECAWA feedback on the demise of play in WA is being communicated to the United Nations via the National Commissioner for Children.

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Endorse Our Campaign

I am very concerned for young children, unrealistic expectations cause needless stress. Children need to develop at their own pace in a fun loving play based environment.

Thank you for your work to save and promote play in our early years learning places (care and education) as well as throughout the primary school years. I endorse your statements.

– Citizen Endorsement

WA Play Strategy Supporters
as of May 2020

Let the WA Government know that PLAY MATTERS:
endorse ECAWA’s campaign to establish a WA Play Strategy.

Join us, and more than 8000 other individuals and organisations.

A playful childhood is the most basic right of childhood.  Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child specifies children’s right to play, rest, leisure and access cultural life.

Countries including Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Sweden and Finland recognise and advocate children’s right to play.  Read about the Play Scotland government initiative, which has informed the WA Play Strategy movement and our call to government to take leadership of this critical issue.

Join with us and endorse our campaign for the development of a government-led WA Play Strategy.

If you have any questions or comments about the WA Play Strategy please feel to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!

Early Childhood Australia (WA)

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Endorse Our

Endorse Our Campaign

Endorsements will presented to State Government ministers, the WA Commissioner for Children and Young People, and the WA Education Department.

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