What else can I do?

Please share our campaign website link with friends, family and colleagues so they can endorse the campaign and be included in the tally count. Please like and share our campaign Facebook page.
Talk about the importance of play with your friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Adults remember the joy and importance of play in their own lives.
Speak with community and political leaders by sending them emails and / or asking their views when they are on the campaign trail.
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Campaign On Our Behalf

  • Contact a school, child care centre, business, association or organisation that you know cares about the role of play. Ask them to endorse the WA Play Strategy campaign.
  • Hold a PLAY MATTERS event such as a play date, play street, play fair, play picnic, play in the park . Last year a very successful Play Date event was held at a school with 350 educators, families and children attending and endorsing the WA Play Strategy campaign.
  • Make an appointment to meet your local member of parliament and your local council member in person: ask them what they are doing about the demise of play-based learning in WA.

Have Your Voice Heard

  • WRITE a community comment on the campaign website so that your voice is heard on matters regarding the state of play in WA. It would be great to include children's opinions on play as well!
  • WRITE a letter to a newspaper editor or contact a community journalist interested in play matters. This will contribute to the ECAWA campaign efforts. Media coverage is important for keeping conversations about play on the agenda.
  • PARTICIPATE in media events relating to play.
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Become an ECA Member

BECOME an ECA member. ECA’s vision is that every young child is thriving and learning. Our role in achieving this is to promote the rights and interests of all young children and to support the delivery of high-quality early childhood education and care, particularly upholding the United Nation’s Rights of the Child Article 31 – Every Child’s Right to Play.

Please join us in our WA Play Strategy campaign!

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